Tips for Becoming a Good Food Blogger


Blogging is the new media. Sure, traditional media is still very much alive, but all over the world, bloggers are also making significant noise. Food bloggers, for example, are getting more popular, with some of them being invited to try out new restaurants and to endorse some dining establishments.

If you want to be a food blogger, here are some tips that can help you become a good one.

1. Work on your personality or your branding.

Before you can go out and start blogging, you have first to determine what personality and style you want the people to identify you with. It can be the kind of food that you like or the way to take videos and photos. It can also be how you present your blog. A lot of people who follow food bloggers like to get a detailed account of every restaurant featured on the blog. It will help you a lot if you do just that.

2. Always be one step ahead of the others.

Food bloggers need to know the latest and the trendiest. You should always be one step ahead of the pack. If there’s a new restaurant opening soon, you have to know the details weeks ahead of its actual opening. Once you post the information on your blog or social media pages, people will keep following your blog all the way until the restaurant opens. It’s a good way of establishing your online presence.


3. You have to love food.

As you are a food blogger, it won’t make sense if you do not love food. It doesn’t make sense for you to talk about the best tankless water heaters and then in the next sentence talk about your favorite new recipe.  That is an exaggeration, but you get the point.  Every event that you go to will require you to taste different kinds of food, so you can’t just say no and then write about the experience based on observations. You’ll be fooling your audiences. Your passion and love for food will reflect in what you write.

4. Learn how to post mouthwatering photos.

Food looks glorious in photos, so you should use them to entice people to read your blog. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take good food photos; you will learn along the way. Some food bloggers even use their iPhones only when taking food photos. Of course, you can always practice at home. It all depends on you. Just make sure that you post as many food photos as you can, not only on your blog but also on your social media pages.