Recipe Books

I started my cooking adventure by experimenting and using all the recipe books I could find. That was so much fun! I still do recipe book cooking these days. Sometimes, I follow the recipes to the T; other times, I deviate a little and add some personal touches.

I’d like you to experience the same kind of fun, so I’m recommending three recipe books that I find really good. You’ll find a variety of recipes you’ll be itching to try out.

Cooking for Jeffrey: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook  by Ina Garten

On Amazon: Hardcover – $21; Kindle – $18.99


Barefoot Contessa host Ina Garten comes up with a collection of recipes that her husband, Jeffrey, always requests her to make. All the recipes have a certain personal touch as Garten adds a little something to traditional favorites like her Brisket with Onions and Leeks. Likewise, there are new recipes you should try out – roast specials, salads, and desserts; you’ll find them all in this recipe book. What makes Garten’s newest collection more interesting are the fun and heartwarming stories of her life with Jeffrey that are interspersed throughout the recipe book.

Craving: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat by Chrissy Teigen, Adeena Sussman, and Photographer Aubrie Pick

On Amazon: Hardcover – $17.99; Kindle – $15.99


This recipe book contains model Chrissy Teigen’s favorite dishes. Everything that you and your family want, you’ll find in this recipe book: something salty, something saucy, and something spicy. There are also healthy recipes and fun dishes like cheesy-cheeseless eggs. It’s a validation of Teigen’s love for cooking, food, and life.

Deep Run Roots: Stories and Recipes from My Corner of the South by Vivian Howard

On Amazon: Hardcover – $25.47


A Chef’s Life’s Vivian Howard shares the flavors of North Carolina in this recipe book. There are over 200 recipes and stories to choose from. Likewise, there are recipes for beginners as well as for the well-versed cook. You’ll enjoy trying out recipes from Howard’s restaurant, Chef and the Farmer. Deep Run Roots is not just a recipe book; it is also a storybook.