Make Your Party Seem Like Eating Out

Do you and your friends enjoy visiting the salad bar when you go out to a restaurant? Have you ever thought of re-creating that kind of experience at home? It’s easier than you may think.

With a table, an attractive tablecloth, flatware and plates, containers to keep hot things hot and cold things cold, and a suitable variety of goodies, you’re on your way. You can stock your home salad bar with things like potato salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, grated cheese, hard-boiled eggs, cooked meats and poultries, sliced veggies, chopped nuts and seeds, and of course the standard varieties of lettuce. And don’t forget all the different kinds of dressings!

Or, You Can Go REALLY Professional With ItÂ…

If you’re especially ambitions, you can even buy a refrigerated salad bar. Like the do-it-yourself type of salad bar described above, a refrigerated one offers variety in your menu and offer an alternative for light eaters or people on a diet, making your party accessible to a greater variety of guests. It also looks great and can help you personalize your guests’ experience at your event by providing a little something for everyone.

And you know, isn’t it just fun to be able to “build your own meal”? When you go out, a salad bar helps you design your own menu, in a way, and not simply be limited to the standard bill of fare. Some diners make their own meal with just the salad bar. You can give your guests the same option.

refrigerated salad bar

Equip Yourself to Entertain

An electric salad bar well is professional equipment. It’s refrigerated restaurant equipment that arranges food in pans and tiles. It frequently uses ice and may have locking crocks and spacer bars. It looks great and, just as importantly, makes YOU look good as a host.

With the above options, you’ll be an expert host or hostess and your party will be a hit with family or friends. Try it the next time you’re entertaining.