Cooking and food are two of my favorite words. They surround my world. They are the two things that color my life. It may sound exaggerated to some, but that is the truth for me.

I have always loved the idea of creating something – either from scratch or several concepts. And I have always loved cooking. Cooking is creating delicious food. The minute I decided to make cooking and food an essential part of my daily activities, life became more colorful, beautiful, and fulfilling for me. I also started meeting a lot of wonderful people. A lot of good things have happened to my life since then.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to create this blog. I want people to experience the joy that I feel every time I cook. I want people to realize how magical the cooking experience is. And for those who love food, I want to share all my creations with them. Also, I want them to look at food as a reward- for their hard work and achievements, for being just who they are, and for simply loving food.

Inside the pages of this blog, I will be sharing my experiences.  Not just in cooking, but in life in general. I will also share some tips for cooking enthusiasts, cooks, and foodies. From time-to-time, I’ll be sharing stories about my daily adventures. So basically, this blog will be a diary of sorts about my adventures as a cook and food lover.

I hope you enjoy journeying with me!